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When the Government fails to meet the requisite needs of the people, the people form their own associations and organizations to fulfill the needs of the society. The Sharanabasaveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha is the outcome of one such attempt. It aims to develop all facets of the society at large. The service of the Society is unique in the field of Art, Culture, Language, Literature, Music, Science, Management and so on with a secular approach.

The mere resources provided by the Government will not be meaningful and useful unless there are adequate facilities for good education. Even minus resources, good education and training with the knowledge of the latest high technology, people will prove efficient for the growth and development of the society and nation. Poojya Appaji holds countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea as role models for development. These countries possess meager resources but good education and work ethics bestowed the people with resourcefulness and entrepreneurship and thus, empowered their countries to emerge as developed countries.

By establishing the Residential School in 1967, which runs on the Public School Model, Poojya Appaji provides the most scientific and modern form of education from Montessori level to Matriculation and the Sangha runs institutions ranging from Montessori to Post Graduation in all disciplines Arts, Science, Commerce, Computer Applications and Business Management. The establishment of Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology in the year 2002 crowns all the achievements. Truly, it was Appaji, who put Gulbarga on the educational map of India.

Poojya Dr. Sharanabasawappa Appa has distinguished himself as an administrator par excellence. In recognition of his services, Poojya Appaji was unanimously elected as the Secretary of the Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society and the most modern Basaveshwara Hospital in Gulbarga owes its existence to his vision. Poojya Appaji contributed significantly to the academic learning as the member of Academic Council, Senate and Syndicate. Poojya Appaji took over the reins of the Sangha as the Secretary at a young age of 27 years and later as the President of the Sangha. Poojya Appaji with his dynamism and foresight, has guided the Sangha to blossom into a magnificent educational center of high stature with 5 Degree Colleges, 4- BCA Colleges, PGDCA, 2 BBM Colleges, MBA and MCA institutions, an Engineering College with all modern facilities, 7 Independent Pre-University Colleges, 3 High Schools, 3 Primary Schools, a Public School which is one among the 66 Public Schools in India, a Printing and Publication Division, an independent Grantha Vishwa Vidyanilaya, a Coaching Centre for the young ones who crave for education of international standards and aspire for IAS, IPS, KAS and other competitive exams. He has also held several positions with great distinction.

Poojya Appaji blends education with the finest elements of culture by introducing Painting and Music at Graduation Level and Fine Art at Post Graduation Level. An independent Post Graduation in Fine Arts is run in the Sharanabasaveshwar College of Fine Arts. What adds to its magnanimity is that, this PG Course is run without receiving any UGC grants or financial assistance from the State Government With the blessings of Poojya Dr. Sharanabasawappa Appa the Sangha's graph is always on the ascent. Poojya Appaji's virtues and ideals, wisdom and blessings have laid the path of challenges and milestones in the pursuit of excellence and service. The institutions run by the Sangha have an impeccable track record in academics that bear a testimony to its high stature. The MBA, MCA, BBM, BCA have a record of 90% to 100% results while the Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology also has 88% to 96% results every year. The Sharanabasaveshwar Residential Public School, hailed as the jewel in the crown of the Sangha, also has a superb academic performance since its inception. As it has been in the past, the college has secured amazing results for the year 2003-04. It has scored 95% result with the highest individual score of 93%. The State Common Entrance Test results were also awe- inspiring. The institution bagged 43 ranks within 1000, 30 in Medical (Top rank-31st) and 13 in Engineering (Top rank-42nd}. The SSLC results too were no less encouraging. For this year the result for the school was 95% with the highest individual score of 95.04%.

Since 200 years activities like 'Archana' (worship), 'Arpana' (offering) and 'Anubhava' (spiritual experience) are devotedly practised at Mahamane of Mahadasohi Adi Doddappa Sharana. In this Anubhava Mantap (Spiritual Parliament) several Shivasharanas participated in spiritual interaction in the benign presence of Sharanabasaveshwar and exuded their spiritual experiences to the world. In the same legacy, representing the modern trend, Poojya Appaji started an institution known as Akhil Bharat Anubhava Mantap, which organizes series of lectures and promotes research and other activities. Under the aegis of this organization a fortnightly Journal called "Dasoha Jnana Ratna" is published. The journal is one among the few in India, which exclusively features spiritual and philosophical aspects. Thus Poojya Appaji has traversed vast grounds in the propagation of Dasoha and the oneness of man, which is timely in the present context.
Poojya Dr. Sharnbaswappa Appa
8th Mahadasoha Peetadhipati
Sharnbasveshwar Samsthan, Kalaburagi
Sharnbasveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha, Kalaburagi
Sharnbasva University, Kalaburagi

Just like Swami Vivekananda, who continued the mission of Shri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the eldest son of Mahadasohi Doddappa Appa, Poojya Dr. Sharanabasawappa Appa, the 8th Mahadasoha Peethadhipathi of Sharanabasaveshwar Samsthan is continuing the novitiate of Dasoha Philosophy.

Born in an illustrious family on 14th November 1935, Poojya Appaji became an heir to the piety that runs in the family, as his dedication to the service of man and God Amply demonstrates. Educated at one the leading Universities, Karnataka University, Dharwad, Appaji began his distinguished and manifold career as a member of the Syndicate of the Karnataka University, before emerging as a pioneer in the field of education. A number of educational institutions, including the Gulbarga University bear witness to his passionate commitment to the cause of education and progressive outlook, by opening the latest disciplines including Computer Science, Electronics, Business Administration and Management and Fine Arts.