Institution Run Under
Sharnbasveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha

YearName of the InstitutionPhone No.
1918Sharnbasveshwar Public Library, Gulbarga -
1934Mahadevi Girls High School, GulbargaPp 220835
1949Sharnbasveshwar Composite Pre University College, Gulbarga659388
1956Sharnbasveshwar College of Science, Gulbarga221941
1957Sharnbasveshwar College of Arts, Gulbarga with PG Courses in Fine Arts, Gulbarga220675
1961Sharnbasveshwar College of Commerce, Gulbarga with Post Graduate Diploma course in Business Management, Gulbarga220673
1963Sharnbasveshwar College Hostel, Gulbarga221941
1963Akhila Bharatha Anubhava Mantapa, Gulbarga220170
1967Sharnbasveshwar Residential Public School, Gulbarga221821, 220738
1967SSK Basaveshwar College of Arts & Science, Basavakalyan251970
1968Doddappa Appa IAS Training Institute, GulbargaPp 220673
1969Sharnbasveshwar Printing Press, Gulbarga659277
1971Godutai Doddappa Appa Pre-University College for Women, Gulbarga659299
1973Godutai Doddappa Appa Arts & Commerce College for Women, Gulbarga220835
1978Sharnbasveshwar Granthaviswa Vidyanilaya, Gulbarga220170
1980Sharnbasveshwar Primary School, GulbargaPp 220046
1984Mahadevi Girls Higher Primary School, GulbargaPp 659299
1991Sharnbasveshwar PG Diploma Course in Computer Applications, Gulbarga221941
1992Sharnbasveshwar CA Pre-Professional (foundation) course, Gulbarga220673
1998Doddappa Appa Institute for Master of Business Management (MBA), Gulbarga 223367
1999Doddappa Appa Independent PU Science College for Boys, Gulbarga659388
1999Muktambika Independent PU Science College for Girls, Gulbarga659377
1999Doddappa Appa Institute for Master of Computer Application (MCA), Gulbarga241395
2001Godutai Doddappa Appa BCA College, Gulbarga220835
2001Muktambika BCA College, Gulbarga659366
2001Doddappa Appa BCA College, Basavakalyan251970
2002Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology, Gulbarga242688, 659188, 659199
2004Sharnbasveshwar College of D.Ed, Basavakalyan251970
2004Doddappa Appa College of Education, Basavakalyan251970
2005Godutai College of Education for Women, Gulbarga659322
2005Sharnbasveshwar College of Education, Gulbarga659177
2005Muktambika College of D.Ed, Gulbarga650260
2006Komlatai Residential Scholl, Basavakalyan251970, 250331
2007Sharnbasveshwar College of Arts, Dept. of Master of Tourism Administration, Gulbarga659366

Vocational Diploma Courses
1.Commercial Art & Printing2.Computer Technique
3.Clothing & Embroidery4.Printing & Binding
5.Automobiles6.Radio & TV Servicing
7.Electrical Wiring and Servicing of Electrical Appliances

Vocational Subjects sponsored by UGC
1.Instrumentation Technology2.Functional English
3.Industrial Chemistry4.Functional Hindi
5.Non Conventional Energy6.Principles & Practices of Insurances
7.Early Childhood Care and Education8.Advertisement & Sales Promotion

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